PT Doyan Citarasa Indonesia

A little bit different is better than a little bit better” this sentence leads us to become a pioneer in developing brands and food products that are different, unique, and loved by customers and fair to franchisee partners.

Starting with our first brand Doyan Ayam in November 2016, we managed to attract a lot of attention from customers and the media as well.

In a fairly short time, Doyan Ayam presented a new way to enjoy ‘geprek chicken’ with quite a lot of sauce variants as the first pioneer of ‘chicken geprek sauce’ in Indonesia by “Majalah Sukses”.

Doyan Ayam has successfully spread its wings in developing partnerships in all major cities in Indonesia until its first 100 branches in 2020 and continues to grow every year. By going through the ups and downs in the journey of a business, a product and a service, we have learned a lot to go through it. Our pure motivation is to share success and attractive business opportunities for our partners with convenience, profitable products and good value for fairness to franchisee partners.

Doyan Group opens the opportunities for partnership between brands to franhcise, and also international partnership.

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